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Federal Innovator
Balancing IT Innovation and Risk in the New Budget Era
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Why move email to the cloud?
| Information Week
More and more federal agencies are moving away from on-premises email systems toward unified communication software suites. The General Services Administration completed their migration in June 2011 and reaped the benefits when its employees could continue working even as Hurricane Sandy made many of its offices uninhabitable.
How the government can avoid the next
| The Daily Beast
Other agencies can learn from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which launched a clean website,, and began crowdsourcing fraud reports online. Much of CFPB's success is due to strong leadership and private-sector talent that took advantage of cloud technologies and open source policies.
| HP

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| Federal Times
A number of federal officials are championing the benefits of managing health care data in the cloud, citing the cloud's ability to securely connect health care providers, customers and researchers.
Government IT leaders must begin to think more long-term to develop sustainable IT strategies that incorporate cloud and mobile technologies. These officials must also start to consider the human capital impacts of this developing technology.
Did the Telework Enhancement Act actually hinder telework?
| NextGov
A recent survey of federal telework coordinators revealed skeptics of the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act. They criticized the act for its narrow focus and believe a broader mobile strategy is needed to truly prepare the federal government for an evolving workplace.
How mobile and telework help save money and increase productivity
| Federal News Radio
With the proliferation of more effective and secure mobile devices, more federal agencies are encouraging their employees to telework, saving both time and money. In the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration's office, more than 87 percent of the workforce is telework authorized with over 50 percent of the office teleworking at any given point.
With less money, Pentagon wants to do more with mobile
Despite budget limitations, officials at the Defense Department are optimistic about the agency's ability to continue innovating and expanding their mobile capabilities.
With a total cost at $113 billion, cybercrime has only become more lucrative for criminals and more dangerous for organizations. Regardless of the security of your networks, education and awareness are critical for minimizing human error.
While Congress is stuck in partisan gridlock, federal agencies can look to guidelines provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. So far this year, NIST has published 10 special reports that contain specs, guidelines and requirements for securing government systems.
Do agencies need to archive social media?
As government's use of social media increases and social media platforms themselves become increasingly complex, many agencies have begun retaining and archiving social media to ensure compliance with the Federal Records Act.
As the rollout of has made painfully clear, the federal government still struggles to manage many technology-related projects. New legislation is needed to enable government agencies to migrate to a modern, standard and appropriately consolidated IT infrastructure.
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